Assignment 1


This assignment is a animation explainer video that explain a topic which given by the lecturer. My topic for this assignment is “What is Vector Graphic”. This video are around 2 minute long. To do this video I have spent around 30++ hour to finish it. I have using many tools include animation, picture, action, flying text and etc. in this video. I have try my best to do based on what I have learn in class. In this explainer video, I apply many scene to do it, as it is easy to play when I am doing my video, just need to play scene by scene, instead of every time play the whole video. So I have no idea how many frame that I created, but I apply the frame rated per second is 24. I do record my voice for this video. To create this video, I’m using adobe flash professional cs6.

Animation Making

As the first step of animation making is to understand about the topic that has given, so I did search for the topic and find so many related information then I have combined and editing the information that I get to this explainer video. After I have understand the topic, I combined and editing the finding then I start with recording the sound. I record the sound sentence by sentence. So when some words wrongly record or disturbing by exotic sound, I can record the sentence again instead of record whole text again. Later on I start the animation on the adobe flash. In this explainer video, I have use the picture which get from internet. However some are creating by me by adding a layer to trace the picture that I get from the internet. I also have a character which tuzki that I trace and I have use the bone tool to connect the left hand and right hand. Then use the free transform tools to insert the pose so that the tuzki that I trace can move the hand. I also use the “add classic motion guide” to enable me to draw a line which is path that can make my animation move forward. Some cases I have create classic tween between the specific frames, so that the object can move up to down and so on. By the way, I also create shape tween between the specific frames to enlarge and minimized my object so it will have effect to zoom in or zoom out the image. The image that I have create I have convert it to symbol by pressing F8 and I have name it properly in the library. I do using many scene because I found that the scene easily to view the work part by part by clicking ctrl + alt + enter. So that I can watch the scene that I have doing time to time, no need to view it everytime from the beginning until the end. So it will convenient to play scene by scene and editing.


After I have done this assignment I have feel that my skill on the software which is adobe flash still not enough, because some effect that I think but I can’t make it out. So I think I have to improve my skill on this software first maybe that next time I will create more professional video. In other hand I feel that the period of this semester is so short, so what we can produce is skill-less video. If this subject is in the long semester will be good, so that we can learn more before we doing our animation explainer video. I hate to fill the color using this software because I have clicking many times and trying so hard also can’t fill the color, so that you will see that all the thing that I create is black and white. Maybe skill is not enough to fill the color so I don’t get my color, somehow I use the pencil tool and using thickness stroke to coloring my thing. However, I’m actually don’t like to draw, my drawing skill in the video will show you how bad on that. Last but not least, if I continued study degree, I don’t want to take the multimedia course again if can, because I really hate drawing.

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