Assignment 1 Report


My topic was what is a trademark? And was meant to do my research on that particular topic for the assignment and was meant to be preparing the research that I found to be put in a 2 minute video that is animated and it can explain what a trademark is.


To begin with I first downloaded the software Adobe Flash form the internet and followed the procedure that needs to be followed, after which I started drawing the images on the stage using the pencil tool and the brush tool, and kept on designing stage by stage the frames after which I added in some effects into the frames as in background color and also the twining effect (motion and classic).

Learning how to space my work out, followed by which after I was done with everything I added on the audio into the file that I had made and was animated.


Personal Reflection

I used 2 days to come up with this assignment video and also now know how hard it is to animate and y animation requires a lot of patients and a lot of skills and the hardest part is not drawing the harder part is drawing with a mouse its abit too difficult as it requires a lot of patients. And when I saw my video I said not bad for a 1st timer but I know I can still work and make it better.





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