For this assignment 1, my topic is symmetric design. I find information about the tittle in google online. The symmetric design means a mirror image — one side is the mirror image of the other. Symmetry can occur in any orientation as long as the image is the same on either side of the central axis. After I understand and realize the question. I start do the assignment by using the software adobe flash 3.0. This explainer video after I done total is 2 minutes and the layer of the video total is 11. Symbol more than 10.

Animation making

Firstly I create a new file, set the stage size is 550*400px, FPS set to 15 and the stage color is yellow. Need image convey to the symbol. After I setting the all thing, I start do the content. First I create a character to be video explainer. I create a new layer to create the character. The character is a simple ball. I use the oval tool to create the character and I use line tools and pencil tool to design eye and mouse for the character. Begin of the explainer video have a symmetrical design logo move down from the top of the stage. I use the motion tween to make the logo move. After that, I also use the motion tween to make the character come out and introduce himself. I use the color tool to coloring the character.

Then the first since that is explain about the symmetric design. I used frame-by-frame animation to create the blinking effect of text. In this part I create a butterfly and make a guideline which the butterfly will follow and fly around the stage. The butterfly is an animated symbol which I learnt in class. Furthermore, after the butterfly part. I use the text tools to create the text of the three type symmetry. And I will changes the text color make it more meaningful and colorful.

Then is explain the three symmetry part which is Reflection, Rotational and Translational. The reflection part I also use the text tool to write the text to explain. When then text appear on the stage, I create a pencil animation to follow the text. I use the frame-by-frame to make the pencil motion like real write. After the explanation I create animation masks to display the image make the example image more flexible and beautiful. I use the shape tween to make the image changes shape when display. The animation masks which also I learnt in the class. The Rotational and the translational symmetry I use text tools to write the explanation same with the reflection part. The example image I also use the frame-by-frame to make the image move and display.

Last part is the character come out again to say goodbye and gave detail to contact him. I use the motion tween make the character be animation which can move out and talk. I also has use the gradient color to changes the color of the chat bar from the character that make the chat bar are more meaningful and beautiful. After done all the explanation video part then will start do the audio part the audio part is use my voice match to the video do the explainer. I think this part is the hardest part compared with other parts because the sound recording must match with the explanation video. Make sure the sound recording must be clear without slag tone. And wan adjust the timing of the video when compared with the sound recording.


My Impression on this assignment is very busy and hard. This is my first experience to create animation explain video. Now I know create a good animation explain video is not easy. I use 18 hour to do the animation part and the sound effect I use 5 hours to create this explain video. Although finish this assignment is very tired but I think through this assignment I believe I can learn more about animation, multimedia and adobe flash. So, I hope I will have seconds experience to create a good animation explain video compared with this video.

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