Assignment 1

The topic of this assignment is “What is programming script?”. The task that was assign to me is to gather information about this topic and to produce a short animated video based on to the information gathered. The duration given to submit this work is only 3 weeks. It is required to use Adobe Flash to produce the animation video. At first it was hard to use but after few days of practice make it easier to work with it. I took the video posted on the blackboard as a guide for me to use the tools in that software. There were multiple choices of tools with multiple functions.

Firstly, I compile all the information that I gathered and list down the ideas which I can work on. A draft was made on what is going to be done and what will be the final output of the work. I started working on the first layer by designing the icon of programing script and added colors to it to make look more attractive. Motion tween was added to both the icon and the title to give a fly in look. My second started off by drawing a pencil and a noted pad. I used the line tool to draw the note pad and the pencil tool to draw the pencil. When you use pencil you must draw it precisely as the shape can change even for a small wrong movement. So it is really hard to use the pencil tool. The drawing produce when use the pencil can be change according to the type of drawing the user wants to use as there are few choices provides for example smooth and straight. The smooth selection will produce the drawing as how you draw but the straight selection will make the line straight according to the drawing.


Paint bucket selection to fill the colors couldn’t be used for most of the drawing and the reason is unknown so as an alternative solution I used the paint brush to fill the space of drawn objects with colors. I applied the masking method in one of my slide. That method made my work look more accretive.  Bone tool were used in two slides. It was really hand for me to make the object move repeatedly with a natural feel. Line tool were used to draw most of the object in this animation project. I used it to draw few object like arrows, symbols and more.  Motion tween is one of the most common tools that I used in this animation project. An object that applied motion tween should be converted to symbol for format. Motion path should be created for each motion tween and it can be customized with the users own preference. Classic tween and shape tween were not applied in this work as it was not required. Multiple colors and design were applied in this animation project. A huge selection of colors is provided in this software.


Shape tool were used to create few shapes like oval and rectangle. Photos from internet were used in few slides and it was also used to draw objects with the help of onion skin. Photo should be saved in the computer and then import to the flash library as bitmap. In order to use it, user should convert the image from bitmap to symbol format. User can only edit the picture when it’s converted to the symbol format. Multiple layers were applied in this animation. Each and every layer can be named to avoid confusion. Layers should be arranged in orders to avoid any object clashing in the video. A preview is recommended when user is done working in a layer. Sound file is added to the video as a narration. MP3 file was imported to the library in order to apply it in the animation. Multiple choice of audio looping is also available in this software.

Lastly, through this assignment I learned how to create a basic animation with Adobe Flash. This program will be handy to create simple animation in a short period with a good practice with its functions. It seems to be easy but it requires a lot of learning in order to master this software.


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