“What is MIDI” Report


My topic is “What is MIDI ?” . The reason I chose this topic is I have a lot of idea to do with this animation video. I used adobe flash to create this animation video because adobe flash software has a lot of video animation features. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). MIDI is a protocol developed in 1980’s which allows digital instruments and computer to communicate to each other. MIDI makes the editing and modifying the notes easier. A computer with midi software can produce a smooth, better and new music. After that i searched a background music from internet. This video is about 2 minutes 3 second long.

Animation making

First of all, after I opened the adobe flash I chose a smooth background color and started to draw an animated piano character. I drew its body part by part then I combined all parts together and created it became a symbol. In order to make it move, I used the bone tool and dragged the hands, legs to make it seem like moving. It just moving symbol but it just keep moving at the same place so, I inserted few frames to make it move in few seconds. I made the piano character dropped from top by creating motion tween and dragged the symbol from top to bottom in the new layer. Then, I used pen tool to draw a bubble talk and used text tool to type in the sentence. Next, I drew a cloud shape outline, then I inserted a new frame at back then I filled colour in that cloud and between I created shape tween. So it looks like a bunch of line and slowly become a cloud. After that, I started my explanation, with the explanation I provided some examples picture. Before the picture showed up, I added a mask layer. I drew a circle and rectangle shapes and created shape tween between them. The mask layer will only hide the outside part of the mask shape. Besides that, I drew a music note and added a classic motion guide. In the guide layer, I drew a S shape line and created a classic motion on the note symbol to make the symbol follow the smooth line to move. After that, I drew a piano filled in the color, in the different frames, I filled the different colour to the piano key. Then, I drew a computer and a connect midi cable between the computer and the electrical piano keyboard. Furthermore, I used pen tool to draw the musical score and used bone tool to make the note swap with the other. To make the motion more smoothly, I added new frame and move the notes slowly. I like shape tween, it is from one object to another object. Not only that, I used 3D rotation tool in flip motion. While the object is moving from place to place, the object will move in 3D. In addition, I created a square that dropping rotatable. To enhance the explanation, I drew a chain with the features of midi software which are playback, stop and edit button and made it swing around. Most of the part in this animated video I used motion tween, shape tween, and classic tween. Besides, I added many layers to differentiate the features I used and it is easy to edit.


This is my very first time to do the animation video. After I have done my video, I feel I still need to take some time to practice it. This is a very good experience for me. I have learned how to use pen tool, 3D rotation tool, bone tool, create motion tween, shape tween, mask and so on. And some of the features I need to take time to explode it. Most of the symbols and pictures in this video, I drew myself. Besides, to do an animation video u have to be creative and have good ideas. I like to create shape tween and motion tween. Because the combination of this two tweens can produce a special and creative motion. Example, from a circle change to E letter. You can use motion tween to make the circle bounce into the middle and create shape tween make the circle slowly transform into E letter. It is very interesting. Last but not least, to make the recorded voice to match with my video is a difficult part. Some part of it, the voice will delay or faster than the video. Maybe the software is still fresh for me, I could not create a good video but i will strive for it. I will take out some time to practice it and I hope I could create a good animation video.




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