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For my assignment, my topic is “What is storyboard?” and a storyboard is a graphic representation of how a video will unfold, shot by shot. Storyboard is made up of a number of squares with pictures representing each shot with notes about what’s going on in the scene and what’s being said in the script during that shot. You can think of it like some sort of a comic book version of script. However, the storyboard doesn’t look like a cartoon panel. Each column represents a status and user stories onto a new column when the user changes the status of the storyboard. I have created one character in my video which is a stickman and its name is Mini. I only created 5 layers. My fps (frames per second) is 10. To draw my stickman and objects in my animation, I have used a brush tool. I love brush tool more than any tools because it suit my drawing style. Besides, I also have use text, different colour present and different type of text. I make the things that I will need to reuse to the library field so that it will be easy for me to use it. I have also use shape tween, motion tween and classic tween inside. By the way, I use frame by frame animation for easy to perform.

Animation Making
First of all, I do research about my topic first. Then I start to plan what I want to do for my animation. After I get the ideas, I start to use Adobe Flash to do my animation. I have the idea of using stickman is because I saw most of my friends using animals. I was thinking why use an animal when there’s a stickman? I am a human thus using stickman to represent me will be great. So I used stickman in my animation. My stickman wears a spectacle. He draw too much of storyboards and suffered short-sightedness. He’s holding a colour pencil and not a candle. His name is Mini. Who say “Mini” is only for female? And he will be the one who speak for my animation. My idea is an example of storyboard that when the graphics organizer draw out the storyboard and the animation editors team will make a lot of frames to make an animation to that storyboard story and the storyboard is the one of the transfer mind to the animation editor let them more clear the story meaning to make the more lively animation. What I done is just show that how the graphic organizer do the storyboard and how does storyboard works, and how the storyboard produces the animation. That’s what my video mostly about.

Personal Reflection
In this making storyboard animation, I’m not so clear on how I need to present my animation cause storyboard is a human drawing on a board that include all the brain of thinking of story. It’s hard to bring out what I want to show to animation because I’m not that skilful. I would like to think a storyboard for myself before doing anything else. I learnt that storyboard is really important because storyboard can let you make your mind clearer and storyboard is directly to the goal. You can know the first and the last frames and clearly know the start and the end. It will be easy for a leader to and a group of animation designer. And I know Adobe Flash is a very good software to let the designers draw the animation more easy since it save energy and time. I know that my animation has many incomplete parts and mistake but I already try to make it smooth and complete. I also have learn so much in this lesson. For example, I’ve learnt more about storyboard. Now I know what is it and it help a lot for acting and other stuffs. I know that to be an animation designer, you need to be attentive because each and every movement should make the animation perfect or not. It’s so hard to just draw a frame and to be able to draw so many frames and make it perfect is a tough job. It let me learn more from because I like to draw things but I like to draw on papers more than drawing on computer. Cause drawing on computer is harder to control my pen and my hand, I still support that hand drawing for being a designer although nowadays every things also need to use computer but I still prefer the old way to do animation. I think that the old way of doing animation can make it much lively. I wish I will never want to do animation again because it’s seriously hard and making me headache.

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