Assignment 1 Report

This assignment is an animation explainer video that explain a topic which is given by my lecturer. The topic I got for my assignment is “What is motion capture?” and I’ve to do an almost 2 minutes long animation regarding about motion capture. I used Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to do this animation. Not to mentioned I downloaded the wrong software previously. For most of the drawings, I used shapes and lines. At first I used a brush tool to draw my stickman but it doesn’t look that nice. Stickman should look nice too so in the end I choose shapes for the head and lines for the body. It’s easy and smooth. Besides, I also used frame by frame to make sure it move smoothly. I also used different fonts for my texts so it will not look boring. For the narrator, I didn’t use my own voice. I got my friend to do the audio recording for me. I know in my animation video, it’s mostly text because I’ve no idea how to draw the objects. And I didn’t really use any tweens except motion tween but I’ve tried though yet it doesn’t look like what I expected, so I removed them. My stage colour is all white because I like it white. It’s pure and simple. The frame rate per second for my animation is 1 because I do not have many frames and my friend talk really slow. I really tried my best to do what I can and this is the result.

Animation Making
The first step of making an animation is to find out more information related to the topic. When I got my topic, I did an online search and collect all the information I can get. I also try to understand more about the topic, not just Google search. After done collecting the information, I start combining them into one scrip and then did some editing so it does not look very long. When the script is done, I immediately get my friend to do the audio recording. My friend practice reading the script for about few times and then record it one shot so it’s easier and save time. While my friend is doing the audio, I start planning my animation video. I drafted out roughly on a piece of paper before doing it in Adobe Flash. I thanks my lecturer deeply for providing so many videos on how to use Adobe Flash for us and by watching the videos, I learnt step by step from the basic though I’m still very bad at it. Initially I planned to use an animated dog to be my narrator but it’s too much of a job and I lack of time since I do it last minute. I admit I procrastinate because it’s better to be honest than telling a lie. So instead of a dog, I used a stickman. It’s not that bad since stickman is sort of popular nowadays. It’s widely used in many social applications as stickers. It’s easy to draw and it saves time too. I named my stickman Joey. I also draw a blackboard for my animation. Since Joey is going to be explaining about motion capture, I thought she should do it like a teacher. It’s a she because my friend is a female. A blackboard will match the teaching style. Moreover, I also added some images as well because there are some thing I cannot draw like human faces and certain objects. I’m really not the drawing kind of person. Using images will be easy and understandable for the audiences too. I used a lot of texts as well because I seriously lack of ideas on how to show them. I tried drawing few stuffs but I myself, don’t get what I’m trying to express so let’s just forget it. Also, I seriously don’t know how to use animation to explain about motion capture except using texts.

Personal Reflection
I now understand how tough it is to do an animation video. I used to think it’s easy because everything is done by computer. Whenever my brother asked me to watch cartoon movies in cinema, I would definitely reject him because spending money to watch cartoon is a waste of money. I know that is not related to my assignment but all I want to say is that making animation movie is infinity times tougher. Those animators really have hard times doing it just for our entertainment. I feel they’re really amazing. I take back my words and I think I will watch cartoon movies from now on as an appreciation. In my opinion, creative thinking is very important. I realized when doing animation, you need to be very creative and imaginative. Sadly, I don’t have that kind of skill. I draw what I can think of. I don’t really do imagination as well, I am more to the reality kind. So I’m really bad at this. I also watched examples given by lecturer and I think those examples are made by professionals because for a novice like me, it’s impossible to have that kind of result.
To be honest, it’s really hard for me to do this animation even when it’s only a 2-3 minutes animation and I seriously can’t imagine those animators who do more than an hour animation movie like Minions. I faced so many obstacles when doing this whole animation thing and it’s really frustrating. There’re times I felt like punching my computer screen especially when the character did not move like what I expected. I’m seriously glad I finish it though. One thing I want to press is that when doing this kind of assignment, we really cannot be lazy and procrastinate. We have to start doing it as soon as we receive the assignment. I felt really stress because I did it last minute and at the same time, I admit it’s my fault, really. And half of me wanted to give up but I didn’t because I can’t. I know my animation probably is not that nice since it’s a last minute work but at least I tried. I’ve something to present and it’s better than nothing, that’s what I’ve been taught in school. If you, my dear lecturer is really disappointed with my work, it’s alright, I apologized. I’m sort of satisfied at the part where I didn’t give up. Anyway, it’s my first time stepping into the world of animation. It’s really amazing to me but I don’t think I will ever want to do animation for my career. Neither will I ever want to do this kind of assignment in my life again.

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