Report (Individual Assignment)


My assignment topic is “What is VoIP”. This topic is not strange for me, because it is one of the chapters of the networking subject that I have enrolled last semester. So I have to do some reviews and gather the information before I started to do the animated explainer video. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows call to be made over the Internet or an IT network. For example, Skype is one of the software that uses this technology. The benefits of VoIP are: low cost of operation, productivity enhancing features, increased flexibility, and easy to install.

I have created one character in my video which is an office man. I only created 7 layers, and there have about 1235 frames in the main layer. I set the fps (frames per second) in 13, so the total duration time of the video is 95 seconds. I only used white, black, green, blue, and red colour to design my video. My stage is white colour, sometimes I will change the background colour to become green or blue depends on the content. I also insert images and symbols to make the video become more interesting.

Animation Making

First of all, I import to library to get the office man image. Then, I insert a new symbol to edit the office man. What I want to do is to modify the image and break apart. Therefore I can erase the background of the image and make it become my character. It is not an easy work, because you must erase carefully to avoid the body of the character is spoiled. Then I go back to my scene 1 and drag the symbol to the stage which is I created just now. I used the oval tool to draw three different sizes of circles, form small to big, to present that the office man is thinking.

To present a letter or word, I create the motion tween to let the hand symbol move like writing the words. I kept adjust the position of the hand symbol to ensure that it is matching the appearance of the words and following the flow smoothly. I also set the size and the colour of the words in properties depends on different words. For example, I set the title to become larger size, and change the colour of key word to red colour.

After presented a screen, I used the mask to change the screen to another screen. It is needed to create a new layer and convert it to mask. First, I draw a big circle in the mask layer. The second step is to press F6 to insert key frame in somewhere I want to zoom in. Then I change the circle to become any shape that I want it to be. The next step is to right click one of the frames that between them, and create shape tween.

I created an aeroplane animation symbol to make it fly on the screen. First, I have to import to library and get an aeroplane image. Same as the office man symbol, I have to modify it to vector and erase the background. This all things were done in the symbol scene. After I done the erase part, I rotated the aeroplane symbol from left to right and from right to left in every key frame. Therefore, the aeroplane will looks like flying. Then, I go back the main scene and drag the animated aeroplane onto the stage. I set the size of aeroplane from small to become getting bigger and bigger in every 5 frames. Then the aeroplane will looks like flying closer to the screen monitor. Once it covers the screen, I have to insert blank key frame to do the new things.

Lastly, I recorded my voice as the same time I was watching my animation video. Therefore, my voice can match the animation. For example, when the words appear then I started talking. Then, I import to library to get the audio and put into the new layer.

Personal Reflection

I used 2 days to complete this 2 minutes video. I can feel and understand that how hard is the animation designer completes an animation video. And how many spirit and time they have to spend to complete their work. I start to admire them. I found that the difficult part is not drawing, but draw by using the mouse. This is my very first time to create the animation by using Adobe Flash. It is not hard to follow the step in video to learn. But the point is there are too many steps you need to memorize. So what I can do is to keep practice until you familiar with it. Like they say, practice make perfect.

I am very glad when I watched my animation video, although not good enough. But I have already done my best.


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