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In this individual assignment, I have choose a topic which is Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray disc was invented in 2006. It is an optical disc standard that designed to display high-definition (HD) video and can store a huge amount of data that replace DVD. Furthermore, Blu-ray disc not only has a huge amount storage capacity. It can store, record, broadcast HD video, digital audio and computer data. Also, it can store a huge amount of information compared with DVD.


In this assignment, I have to create an explainer video by using a software called Adobe Flash CS6. After interpreting all the information, I start creating a new file in adobe flash. In the first part, I use shape tool to draw a Blu-ray disc represent a character and draw a title board and use text tool to write a title on the title board. Then I use line tool to draw hands and legs for the character and use bone tool to adjust it like walking. After finish designing the character, I convert it to symbol in order to use in motion tween.

In the second part. I create new layer for the character and the title board. When I created these 2 layer, I apply motion tween on the character to move and jump in and pull the title board down. Also, I apply motion on the title board in order to follow the character dropping down. In the third part, I created another layer for the character speaking. I use pencil tool to draw the mouth to smile and then copy the frames and paste it. Then the character will seem like talking. On other hand, I apply colour on the text in order to make it more interesting.

In the fourth part, in order to explain the Blu-ray disc. I have created 3 layers. In the 1st layer, I applied motion tween to move in and then the 2nd layer is for explanation, I use text tool to write the explanation and then adjust frame by frame for each word to seem like the words come out 1 by 1. In the 3rd layer, I applied motion tween and make 2 times rotation on the symbol. In the fifth part, I use the same method like the previous part. I applied motion tween on the title board and 2 symbol. Besides, I create the text by using text tool and change the colour frame by frame.

Furthermore, I use alpha style on the symbol and motion tween on another part. Then, I use the free transform tool to adjust the size of symbol and make it frame by frame. After that, I use pencil tool to draw the symbol in order to make it seem like glass breaking. After that I use transform method to transform the character to flip horizontal in order to make the character walk out from the other side. In the last part of explanation, I added a symbol into the character to make it more attractive. After that, I draw a string by using line tool and use bone tool to make it swing. In the end of the explainer video, I added a background image and using alpha style. Lastly, I recorded a sound and added in my explainer video and make it complete.


Personal Reflection

My personal reflection in this assignment, I have learned a lot about creating an explainer video by using Adobe Flash CS6, especially creating an animation. For instance, how to use motion tween and bone tool to make an animation to move and so on. While creating this video, I have similar with using shortcut key to make the process more quickly and easy. Furthermore, I have experienced that create an animation video is not that easy, because of the time duration, it took me almost 2 days to finish this 2 minutes video. I can imagine that how long a professional explainer video has been done. Before creating this video, an issue that I am facing is lack of idea and creativity. After I start doing, a lot of idea keep coming out in my mind. Unfortunately, I cannot apply the idea perfectly in my video because of my skill level. However, I will improve my skill and learn new skill to create a better animation video in the future.


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