report for assignment 1


This assignment is an animation video explanation assignment which included some of the animation like character action, flying text and all others. In this assignment, I did my best to show off my technical skills like what I had learnt during the lab class before. My aim in this assignment is to create or produce about a basic explainer video about morphing. Based on my understanding, morphing is an animation which change one graphic into another graphic by using a seamless transition.

In this video explanation, it consist of total 53 layers and each of them is named meaningfully based on what things that I applied in each layer. Also, the file in library also arranged nicely. By creating this basically animation video, I did used the adobe software to work on it which is adobe flash.


Animation Making

As the first step on this animation making, I created 3 layers for the scene 1 which is a layer for my character (Boy-Zi)  ,  a layer for the background and another layer for the title which is morphing. In order to make the character have an action, I did apply motion tween effect on it. After I created three of these layer, I did lock each of them so when I designing next scene, it will not disturb me. After that, another character created (motion tween) and moving forward to have a conversation which my first character. By produce a good visual effect, I did enlarge my second character at the last point of the motion tween effect. Shape tween and classic tween is applied between the conversations.

In the second scene, I hand drawing a background which act like a mission with different stage so that it will have the ability to attract the attention from the people. By also using some trace technical and input some images from internet source, a character is created which we called it as Mario. The shape tween effect applied when the second character morphing to the third character. Motion tween effect used to move the Mario jump into the mission stages.

In the description of the morphing scene, motion tween effect is applied to bring out the flying text effect. Some of the character that I traced out is used to let people more easily to understand the meaning of the word. In the technique scene frame by frame effect is applied on the cat (tom) character which conduct some action by moving its hand. By created a morphing effect, two frog character was created to prove the morphing effect by employ shape tween effect on the frame between two of them. In order to let the transformation during shape tween more smooth, shape hints effects is used to tell the software know which portion from the first character must correspond to the another part of the character. More point applied, smoother the effect is.

In the cross finding technique scene, each of the images with applying motion tween effect flying with rotate themselves in order to reach to the destination. 3d rotation tools is used to rotate the images. Continue with the aware scene, character (jojo) is created and come out with eye blinking effect by using frame by frame effect skills.

During the last scene, two of the character with almost same size is created which used to remind the morphing function and its effect. Also, a bone tools skills is applied on the flying text will then swinging around at a certain spaces. The mask effect is used to bring out some excitement and surprised effect to the people.

Most of the tools used to creating an object is pencil, line and rectangle tools. Also, linear gradient is applied to make character attractive.




After finish this assignment, I was felt very exhausted due to daily working on it. The duration to create this video is about 1 weeks.  Although this video explanation is not good enough comparing to the other people, however, I was feel glad to see the outcome which I did not tried before. A very good experience is conducted in this assignment which I can put all my favourite character in my video explanation. Why I need to spending a weeks to complete this video? It is because this is my first time experience to creating an animation video, recording voice by my own self so I want to make it better than what I can do. Actually, I did u a day to only creating 30 seconds of the video. In this video, I did applied most of the animation effect skills like motion, shape, classic tween effect that I learnt during the lab class. So whatever the final result is, I felt very enjoyable and proud to myself to finishing this assignment.

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