Bitmap Report


This is an animation created in Adobe Flash and this animation is to explain about bitmaps. In this animation i tried to apply all my creativity and also techniques to make it as interesting as possible. This is the first explanation animation i have ever made. This animation is finished with only very basic skills of using flash. This animation is set in 30fps and with resolution of 1024 x 768.

Animation making

The character in this animation(Smiley) is created using circle shape tool then bent the lines with selection tools. Its eyes and also mouth are also made using shape tools but the tongue is created by stacking one shape to another to cut the desire shape out. The character also move around the stage by using classic tween.

The words inside this animation appears in various ways by using different techniques for example:
“Map” morphed  “=pixel” by using shape tween.
“Mapping in 2D X&Y Dimension” is hidden by masking it with a rectangle.
The “example” from “Best example” fall into the stage by using classic motion guide.
The compress action of the “Compression Formats” is created using motion tween and re-sizing it.

There is also sound that is included to create greater effects such as”
The sound of words dropping.
The sound of camera shuttle.
The sound of words popping out.
The voice is recorded in 8 parts, the sound effect is obtained from a open source website which is and the Background music is taken from Outbreak Company Original Soundtrack-Little Happiness. All sound is mixed together in Adobe Audition as a single file then inserted into the animation.

Image is used to enhance the explanation such as the advantage and disadvantage is presented with a real photo to shoe its advantage and disadvantage. In some case i find the image found is not suitable such as the hand I used inside the animation, I end up tracing it from the image itself. All the image is gathered from Google Images.


In this assignment i learned lots of things such as when using sound in flash the best format will be 22kHz mono 16bit as i tried to use 16kHz it ends up speeding up in the animation. I also faced a hardship as i created 2 layer for audio which is one for voice one for sfx but it cause problem like the sound run out of sync in the end i could not find the reason and thus i mixed all the sound together as one audio file with Audition.

Needless to say that I improved a lot in doing animation as i try to sync all the sound animation and graphics to make the animation more interesting,
Finally i learned some extra knowledge on my topic as I do more research on it such as its history and uses.

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