“What is Resolution?” Report


In this individual assignment, I tried to apply everything I have learnt in the class. My topic for this assignment is “What is resolution?”

I came up with this idea. Assumed that my video is published on Youtube and I am making weekly explainer video, and the topic for this week is “What is resolution?”

The video is 1 minute and 51 seconds long. I have spent a total of 25 hours to make this video. This video is 15 fps and the dimension of the stage is 550 x 400. It has 26 layers and 46 items in the library. To differentiate layers, I put a “ symbol to indicate that the layer has animation. I successfully recorded the narration in the 10th attempt. Pictures and background music used are taken from the Internet.

Animation making

To make a simple introduction scene, I used rectangle tool to draw a rectangle and animate it using motion tween. Also, I make use of the alpha option to make it fading into the screen.

First and foremost, I created a simple cartoon man named “TBH”, which is an abbreviation of my name, Tan Bon Hee. I used oval tool to draw the head, and the other parts of the body is drawn by using brush tool. Then, TBH is colored using paint bucket tool and the color is modified with gradient. Next, the body parts of TBH is converted into symbols and they are separated into different layers so that they are easier to animate. The character is done.

TBH is then animated to walk by adjusting the body parts and using motion tween. To animate him speaking, I created two different faces (one is mouth closed, one is mouth opened) and convert them into symbols. I periodically swapping the two symbols to animate him to speak. TBH is then disappeared after the introduction.

The first scene explains the definition of image resolution. I make use of text tool to create a title that remain at the top of the video. The text is modified by shadow and glowing effect. The animation is used using motion tween.

The second scene explains how resolution is measured. It includes a brief explanation of pixels. Motion tween is used in this scene. I also made a type writing effect in this scene. Next, the two chains with boxes which have the words “horizontal” and “vertical” are animated using bone tool.

The last scene concludes the definition of image resolution and show some examples comparing images with low resolution and high resolution.

In the outro, TBH asks the audience to “like” or “share” the video if the audience like it, just like most of the Youtuber did.

The last phase of this assignment is recording narration and insert it into the video. I use my laptop to play a music to function as a background music, and at the same time I record my voice using my friend’s smartphone. After the narration has been recorded, I insert it into the video and finalize it by adjusting frames so that the audio and video can synchronize with each other.


After this assignment is completed, I am relieved. The moment I writing this report I am very tired and exhausted. I have understood that making a video or animation is not easy, it consumes a lot of time, patience and techniques. I faced many obstacles when doing this assignment, such as lack of storyline idea, character is hard to animate, making mistakes when recording voice, messed up with layers, video not synchronize with audio, frame rate problems and so on. These problems have consumed most of my time.

This is the first time I produce a video by using only a software, so it was quite challenging. I spent more than 1 hour to create the first 10 seconds of the video. Measuring the progress rate at that time, I am demotivated to do the rest. After seeking help and advices from course mates, I get back into my track and continue with my video. As I progress, I am getting more familiar with Adobe Flash and eventually I am able to develop the video in a faster rate.

I finished this assignment in the last minute, so I think I should manage my time well in the future. The day before submission was so hectic. Also, I figured out that video is a good tutoring tool. When I faced the difficulties mentioned earlier, I watch and learn from tutoring video and it was very effective.

Although making this video is very troublesome and time-consuming, but once it is done, the outcome will prove that it is worth the time and energy that I spent on it. I am very grateful I am able to finish this assignment on time.

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