What is Codec



My topic is Codec. Codec is a program or device. Codec can be names by compresses and decompresses. Compresses mean compress the size file into a small size of data, for transmission data .Decompresses mean read or view of compressed file or data .Without codec upload and download data much longer than with codec. It is a program or device used by computer to compresses data to enable faster transmission and decompresses received data. It using 1 and 0 or binary signal, computer language to compresses or decompresses.Stand for Compressor decompressor.Examples of codecs, AVI, MP4, Real Video, MPEG and many others source.Compress to video file in different type and size of memory stored.A container format contains one or several streams already encoded by codecsCodec reduces the number of bytes consumed by large files and programs.Some of the files has a large files size, in order to reduce the files size .codec is needs to compress the files size by eliminating redundancies in data.Reduce the size of a file by a factor of 100.The uncompressed file would be far too large to download from the Web in a reasonable length of time, but the compressed file could usually be downloaded in a few seconds.Compression is to compress the files size.Decompression is to viewing or editing the files size.To speed up the download, using mathematical codec to encode a signal for transmission and decode for viewing or editing. Without it, cause three to five times longer for download.


During experiments

For my video, drawing a human cartoon to move needs convert many shape to symbol to make it move. Firstly draw an eye with an oval tool with shift key to make perfect circle .Next, draw a head using rectangle tool then adjust with subselection tool and color with the grey. Using pencil draw a hair with random draw with adjust with subselection tool and color with the black. Therefore, ear and eye lips with pencil tool and nose with oval tool.

Slide with circle but different size of circles. I using one big circle then the next frame cover it with larger a bit than before with circle and continue until 5 frames.

After I test the frame, keyframe and blank keyframe functions. I found out the meaning of using it. Frame means add slide or can be call adding one piece of paper inside, Insert. keyframe mean copy of previous of the frame and can edit it. Blank keyframe means add blank page .Shortcut key for frame is F5,keyframe is F6 and blank keyframe is F7.the frames can be drag into others frame by using mouse to click and drag to the location to change.

When I adding sound recorder file, the program said can open or read it. Then, I go search why it cannot works. Then I still cannot found out why is like that then I keep try find other file source of recorder file to out inside then I found out .WAV file can put inside and can be played with animation I made.

Background of frame, I search how to change different color in different frames. Then I found out by using rectangle with cover the screen .then I test it works.

It takes me more than 10 hours to complete the animation 2D with explainer.  Most hard part is join the sound with the animation motion .after than I found out making animation 2D is not easy to do ,2 minutes animation very hard to do ,how about 30 minutes animation sure spend a lot of effort and time to making animation.

Tween have 3 types, motion tween, shape tween and classic tween. Motion tween means by moving the object to moving from one distance to other distance. Shape tween is by change the letter with next frame. Classic tween is can add frame in between the frame. For example, moving object going out and going back. The tweens needs do in different layer by not mixed with other tweens.

Drawing other object like computer, server, folder and video.it take a few minutes to finish one by one cause need draw a line using line tool, draw a circle with oval tool and square by using rectangle tool. After drawing need to convert it to symbol to make it join together.



During the color the shape some cannot paint with color then I search why .after I found out can adjust it with subselection tool by drag it together to join the lines.









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