Preparing contend for script

Bitmap is formed by two words which is bit and map. Bit represent pixel which is the

smallest element in a graphic which only contain one colour each pixel.Map means the mapping
of each pixel in 2D because all graphic we see in a screen is basically 2D which
represent in X and Y dimension. One of the best example of bitmap where we could
found in daily life nowadays is pictures. Pictures taken from smartphones and camera are
all bitmap. Bit map is compressed into different formats, and there is more then 10
formats but the one that is most commonly use will be JPG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) which is maller in size and
of course lossy quality while TIF(Tagged Image File) is said to be the best commencial used for quality
there is also GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) which will change from one image to another
to create movin illusion.

Advantage of Bitmap is that it can reach the highest quality of graphic which is photo realistic
But the disadvantage is that it will pixelated when you trying to zoom in and the quality only
could turn down but there is no way to increase the quality


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