What is MIDI ?

What is Musical Instrument Digital Interface so called MIDI ? MIDI is a protocol developed in 1980’s which allows digital musical instruments and computer to communicate and connect to each other. MIDI itself does not create any sound. It provides a protocol that carries or sync node informations and tell the instrument what node to play. Most importantly, it requires a digital musical instrument and a computer are connected to each other. Computers that have MIDI software that records the data of the sound and allows people easy to edit and manipulate the notes, pitches in order to produce a better, smooth, and new sound. The interesting part of MIDI is after speeding up the tempo, rearrange the nodes and change the pitches, the MIDI file size(SMF) is much smaller than an audio file (MP3, WAV). One of advantages of MIDI is it can use to create new music without need for different instrument. Generally MIDI 1 instrument family consisted 8 instruments which are piano, organ, guitar, sound effect and so on. The process of creating MIDI music is quite different from digitizing existing audio, you will need:

notation software is software used for creating and arrange score using MIDI instruments.

sequencer software is a software that can record, edit,  or playback the music.

MIDI keyboard- the creation of musical scores.

Sound synthesizer -built into the software of multimedia players.


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