Blu-ray disc

Blu-ray disc (BD) is a new technology appeared in 2006. It is a new optical disc standard or a digital optical disc data storage format designed to supersede the Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) format.

A single Blu-ray disc, roughly the same size of DVD, can accommodate 27 GB data that is more than two hours of high-definition video or 13 hours of standard video.

A double Blu-ray disc can be stored up to 50 GB, enough about 4.5 hours or more high definition video footage of the standard 20 hours.

Compared with traditionalDVD, Blu-ray disc not only has more storage capacity, but also provides a new level of interaction. Users can connect to the Internet and immediately download movies subtitles and other interactive characteristics.

The next generation of digital video disc is Blu-ray discs. It can record, store and broadcast high definition (HD) video and digital audio, and computer data. The most Blu-ray superior point is that it can storage sheer amount of information.

The blue laser has a 405 nanometers wavelength that can focus more tightly than the red lasers used for writable DVD and as a consequence, write much more data in the same space.

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