Group Proposal -Group 1

Description of ideas of ‘Eye-Care Campaign 2014 – LOVE your eyes’



  1. How to protect your eyes
  2. How to prevent from eye disease
  3. How to choose a proper eye wear
  4. How to improve your vision

Idea for the eye care campaign we will base on the topic on top.


Program for the actual campaign date

We will invite dietitians or optician to have a talk that teach you how to protect your eyes and more. We will invite sponsor to open booth, example: spectacles company or dietitians teach about food that help our eyes.


Design for the actual campaign date

  1. Campaign logo design and tagline
  2. Campaign poster design (in 3 sizes: web banner, event bunting, and bookmark)
  3. Advertisement bundle (choose 3 products)
  4. Presentation clip on exhibition hall screen (at least 1 minute per clip per topic


Logo & tagline:

We will design the logo we will go with the eye is the “windows of the soul”, we will zoom in the lens and focus on the world that reflect from the eyes. The color of the logo we will just have two color to ensure that the logo is simple and meaning full and it remain in the budget.




The First Draft of the Logo.


Tagline we will come out a powerful word and it just 3 to 5 words and I will embedded with the logo.

Tagline: Health Eyes, Colorful Eyes.

Eyes Is The Windows Of the Soul.


Poster Design:

About the event bunting we will use background color as green color because it is good for eyes, and we will put it at the exhibition door and on top of the event bunting it will have detail about the campaign and the meaning of the campaign but it won’t contain many wording, because people not like many word and the spacing of the word need to be average. Web banner we will use the adobe illustrator to design the layout first and it must be special, colorful and attractive. Bookmarks will be distribute at the exhibition door too, the design must be special too so that people won’t throw it away instead of keeping it. On the bookmark we will having some information about this eye campaign and the design will be follow the theme of the eye campaign too.



The Layout of Event Bunting




The Web Banner


bookmarks 2 bookmarks


The First Draft of Bookmarks with our mascot.


Advertisement bundle

The product that we will target for the advertisement bundle is contact lens product because all contact lens product is keep in the box so maybe we can print the logo on the box to promote our campaign. We can also print the logo on the Eye Mo packet to promote our campaign. We will try to have special design for the advertisement bundle instead of just having a logo on top of the product.



bundle1 bundle2 bundle3

The Example of Advertisement Bundle that we are going to make and design.

Presentation Clips
For the presentation clips we will use projector to project it, and it will have 4 animation clips to teach you how to protect how to prevent and etc. We will use animation style to present the topic.




Our Main Character/Mascot: Dum Dum


Storyline for eye care campaign animation clip

Main Character:


Storyline = Dum Dum’s teacher Mr. Gum feel weird because Dum Dum always came late to school recently. So, one day Mr. Gum decided to ask Dum Dum what happened?  Dum Dum’s reply had shocked Mr. Gum. He replied, when he go to school every morning, he had to use one hand to cover his face from the sunlight and use the other hand to fly.


Main Character:


Storyline = One day, Dum Dum wake up with a pair of red eye. He found that it is awesome and he think he have superpower. So, he decided to show his red eye to his friend. He keep on starring on his friend and their friends feel nice too. Suddenly, Mr. Gum came to the class and slap Dum Dum. He told Dum Dum that his red eye wasn’t a superpower, but an eye disease. Moreover, this eye disease will affect others by getting closer to other people eyes.


Main Character:


Storyline = One day, Dum Dum see things not very clear , so he went to the shop and give himself a pair of spectacles. There are some of the spectacle that are suitable for Dum Dum, but they aren’t very nice and Dum Dum didn’t like it. So, he choose a pair of spectacle that is nice but wasn’t suitable for him. Although he fell uncomfortable but he still insists to wear it. When he crossed the street, his spectacle trouble him and he adjust it while crossing the street. He didn’t noticed the car coming and accident happened. So, we have to choose a proper eyewear that suit us.


Main Character:


Storyline= Dum Dum have a serious shortsightedness. He wore a big and heavy spectacle every day, it was a big burden but he can’t change anything. One day, he found that eat carrot and fish can improve vision and cure shortsightedness. So he tried and eventually he tend to reduce his shortsightedness and life lives happily because his had lighten his burden.

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