Personal Reflection : Gareth Lye

Personal Reflection – Gareth Lye

This project was really fun for me because I have never been in a group project before that involved so much Photoshop and Flash work before. I have always found a quaint love for design work so this was an awesome experience for me. I do think the class could change a little in terms of work to be passed up, the lecturer should be more pushy. Although art requires inspiration and time, but many do not bother to pass it up as they would’ve lost their drive while searching for the said inspiration. A strict do-or-don’t timeframe would be a good push for them.

The group was quite responsive in their work, although I had wished I did not fall sick on the last meeting, as it was pretty crucial. The team could still use more attentiveness to the work at hand, and not procrastinate, but this includes me as well as I let other subject’s work take over more of my time than it should.

I think the biggest problem our team faced was designing the artwork. Second biggest would be coming up with ideas. Designing took a really long time, as getting sources, Photo shopping and animating took a gruesome amount of time, but I’m glad my team managed to finish it almost at the last minute.

I would rate my team’s performance around 7-8 out of 10. There were plenty of things we could of done better or more efficiently. Also, laziness and procrastination got the better of some of us. Practice and dedication would definitely improve our overall performance.

This class definitely has more creative thinking. Our other subjects mostly involve our calculative part of our brains. So having a creative mind working along with our thinking brain is definitely a plus point and would help even out our thoughts. But I wouldn’t want this kind of learning experiences on every subject, as for some subjects we have to tackle with a calculative mind.

Collaboration with others is still important as we have to learn to cooperate with others in the future and I think this criteria in a project should never be removed.

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