Animation Progress Report

As in our proposal, my draft about the animation is there are animals live in the jungle with a healthy nature and they live peacefully in the jungle. But because if human selfish that after cut down the tress but never re-build it back, the animals are getting to lose their home. I have inserted the play button and stop button as well as the music too.

This is the first frame that I have inserted with text and some text.

a 1

Second, there is the elephant and his friends.

a 2

a 3

Due to they are best friends, they always play together

a 4

Until some days, his friends didn’t came and find him to play together. One day, he decide to have a look then he walk to their house

a 5

When he getting nearer and closer, he realize that his friend’s house been destroy and he couldn’t find them anymore.

a 6

The end of the animation. The story told us must love the nature.



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