Group proposal-group 3

Group proposal

Required to design the following visual aids:

  1. Campaign logo design and tagline
  2. Campaign poster design (in 3 sizes: web banner, event bunting, bookmark)
  3. Advertisement bundle (choose 3 products)
  4. Presentation clip on exhibition hall screen (at least 1 minute per clip per topic)


  1. How to protect your eyes
  2. How to prevent from eye disease
  3. How to choose a proper eye wear
  4. How to improve your vision


Above is our draft and design.

Logo design and  tagline

For the logo design part, we will emphasize the words “Love your eyes”. Maybe we using hand and make it in the shape of love as the meaning of  love and that got eyes inside it . According  to the logo , it include the secondy meaning as love your eyes.

logo1 logo2logo3

For the tagline, we are about to use a few words. Simple words but bring stunning effect.Our tagline is Love your Eyes,Look the Different World.

Poster design

Event bunting

We plan to use relatively large bunting to attract people’s attention. We also will be beneficial to the eyes of color to do the main color of our bunting, besides should also be attractive colors such as red as a secondary color. Event bunting will include the detail about eye care campaign and the details but did not have too many words because the public will be lazy to read too many information in one event bunting.


We will use DIY bookmark as our bookmark and it can make us spend less on it .The bookmark will be a include some information for campaign and got match the theme of the eye care campaign .Bookmark can make the public get the information of this campaign.




Web banner

For web banner we decide to use the banner that about the detail of the campaign and it will be simple to understand by public.




Advertisement bundle

After a long consideration, we have a thought that a successful advertisement bundle which is able to attract human attention is finding famous brand to help promoting. But we must also design special and creative stuffs for the advertisement bundle. The 3 products our chose is Mac-Donald, Nescafe and Pepsi.






Advertisement clip

In the advertisement clip, we create 3 story line. Above is our story line:


There was a little girl, she fell down every day. One day he found a treasure, on the treasure will got our logo, and inside the treasure got a pair of spectacles. After that day, she never fell down again because of magic of the spectacles.


A basketball player is trying to throw the ball into the net but he failed in every single time because he is suffered from shortsightedness. After he got a new pair of spectacles and wear it, he tried to shoot again. Finally, he achieves the goal and the ball is on target.


The keeper got some eye disease that can cause his make mistake when save the ball. His career of football was facing a great problem because he can always make a good decision to save the ball. The keeper make a decision that is to buy a spectacles that make he can see the track of the ball clearly and can save the penalty  and make his team win.


Other idea for campaign:

We will invite optician or an ophthalmologist make a campaign to give the audience a free check of eyes and a talk about how to protect your eye, prevent from eye disease, choose a proper eye wear, improve your vision. We will let the audience write down their methods about how to take care of their eyes and let the doctor to tell them which method are the real eye protection methods. The optician also can show the most proper spectacles model at the campaign. We aim to teach them the knowledge
of the eyes.

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