Animation Clip

I using Adobe Flash CC to create an animation clip. My theme of this animation is Reduce, reuse and recycle, using our mascot- Sophia, as the main actor, to express her destiny.

Firstly, I using a rectangle and oval shape to create the background, which is the field and hills, then coloured it with gradient liner. I create the cloud and convert it to graphic symbol put in a new layer.


Figure 1

Then the main character which is our mascot, was created. I create the main body after convert it to the graphic symbol, a few of new layers was created for each leg and tail. Each of the layer like legs, tail and body has been animated.


Figure 2


Next, back to scene 1, all the different layer has been animated.


Figure 3

After that I duplicate the character symbol, then change the movement of the character, to make it from moving to static, then insert into the layer.

Figure 4

Figure 4

And a new layer called subtitle has been added.


Figure 5

Next, I add on a new background which show the giraffe was drinking water beside the river, and the factory sign was using Photoshop to clear the background colour. The river colour will be change, by adding a new keyframe, it will look like a river flow.

Figure 7

Figure 7

Then, some subtitle also be added into it, and using keyframe to control the movement of it.


Figure 8


Figure 9


Figure 10


Lastly, the last two logo has been created, and I convert them into a graphic symbol, classic tween was created to make it like zoom in effect.

Figure 11

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 12

Here is the final product of this animation.

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