Tips And Tricks of Designing Logo

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B)Tips and tricks in designing new logo and tagline 

Introduction of Logo Design

What is logo design? Logo is a special graphic symbol that represent a company, organization, or product. The logo usually to promote instant public recognition to let the people remember the company by seeing the logo. Logo design have many method we can have typography only text in the logo and many more. Color is very important element in logo design because it can represent the company character.




Introduction of Tagline

A tagline may be a bit of text that serves to clarify an idea. It designed with a variety of dramatic impact. Taglines may be utilized in promoting materials and advertising. The idea behind the idea is to make an unforgettable phrase to improve the quality of the design. It also strengthen the audience’s memory.




The Tips and Tricks to Design a Logo

  1. The logo must be simple and attractive so that people will memorize the logo or the symbol that represent the company or brand.
  2. It also cannot contain a lot of color because it will be costly and very complicated. It also need to be different color with you Competitive Company. Color also have its meaning example:
  • Red: positive, sexy, bold
  • Yellow: sunny, optimism
  • Green: growth, organic
  • Blue: professional, medical
  • Black: credible and strong
  • White: plain, clean, pure
  • When you design the logo you need to understand the brand so you can describe it with your design. The logo also need to easy to understand so that the audience will pay attention to the logo and memorize it.


The Tips and Tricks to Design a Tagline

  1. It is same as the logo, keep it simple. The length of the tagline usually 3 to 6 words so the audience can easy to memorize or memorize it subconsciously.
  2. Design the tagline you need to start from the logo, think what tagline can fit the logo and make sense.
  3. You also can use some jingle or sound to improve the quality of your tagline.

Sample of Logo



BMW logo has its meaning the blue and white is the metaphor the motion of propeller in the sky .At the World War II BMW create aircraft engines for the German military.



The Apple logo represents the enticement from the “Tree of Knowledge” within the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve.

Baskin Robbins


There is a number 31 inside the Baskin Robbins logo because it represented that Baskin Robbins has 31 flavor ice cream.

Sample of Tagline

Mc Donald



tagline 右



Reflection and New Idea

After I have done my research and the analysis I know more tip and tricks to do my logo, I will design the logo with a simple way and it just need to contain 2 color, it will be green and blue, green is good for eyes and the blue is feeling warmth. The logo must be easy to memorize and understand and it come with the effectively tagline and impact tagline.


Designing a logo and come out a tagline you need to think out the box or different way of thinking so that you will come out a creative design and it will attract the audience attention. After all the background study and analyses logo and tagline must be simple, easy to memorize and easy to understand so that it will be a successful logo or tagline.

Citation and References

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Additional Information

Sometime company use jingle to improve the the memorability of the logo, this two sample is a movie company when the audience heard the sound they will automatically think of the company name or logo.


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