Reflective Report

Sagir Ya’u Kwarra

When we all started the MMD I dint really take much interest in it but as time moves on I realized that it means a lot learning about graphics and animation knowing so well that so many people make a living out of it. Nevertheless I and my group members have gone by through thick and thin trying to visualize and finally actualize this dreams.

I still remembered very well our trip to les copaque, it was such a wonderful experience having fulfilled one of many dreams. Being in an actual animation production company and we all saw how it was done besides none of their work would have been achieved if not for team work, cooperation and also much dedications to their work.

I must say I had a lot of challenges especially with creating my animation video and through thick and thin I still found a way to conquer my fear and sooner did I realized that I faced my challenges keeping my fear aside

Lastly I would thank all my group members for their time, dedication and patience with me, so if I had to do this all over again I will do it with them all and be rest assured they are the best any one can ask of as a group.

Thank you.

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