Personal Reflection – Yu Tian

This project is not an easy job and it is not something that can be done within seconds or minutes. All of our group members have put in a lot of effort in executing all the tasks that have been required to be done. We worked together throughout the entire time and have performed our own tasks. I am glad that we are able to work this out together and eventually have all the work done nicely. During all the discussions that we had, we have voiced out our different opinions and ideas about this project and finally we finalized the decision together with or without compromising because we wouldn’t want any arguments and big disagreements between one another. I think we got to learn a lot from each other from many different aspects as each one of us have our own area of expertise where each of us know about something more especially when it comes to the things that we have learned during the process of working on our individual assignments. The main problem is the time limitations and different point of views from each of us. However, it is not as bad as a disaster because in the end we always have solutions to them and they would not be a big deal but those problems do act as the obstacles for us when we work on our project. I would rate about 6 to 7 out of 10 points for my performance in this project as well as in this group because I do put in a lot of hard work and effort during the whole process in doing this project even though I might not did as good. Therefore, the 3 to 4 points are lacking because I think I could be able to do much better, for example if I did manage my time better. This learning environment is very different from a lot of other learning environments because it requires a lot of lab work like using the softwares such as Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Flash Professional CS6 for instance. This way of learning is very nice because mostly are hands-on rather than all theories which may be kind of boring. Other than that, in my opinion, it is also very important to collaborate with others because each person have different ideas and perspectives on different aspects and areas. Also, the jobs and tasks will be done better when evenly distribute among the members. Last but not least, I appreciate the opportunity that is given to me to execute this project with the others and I could also learn a lot from it.

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