Reflective report

The graphic and design animation is a very interesting subject however it is very stressful. The 2 minutes animation was the hardest one for me. I feel more comfortable using photoshop rather than adobe flash. My team members are hardworking and contributed well to the group. However, at first it was very hard to distribute the tasks since we were not sure how to develop the tasks equally among us.  Our teachers instructed us to contribute equally. We finally decided to split the task in such a way that every gets two designs each. I got to design for the table top and the eco-bag. Am happy in be in such a group. My team mates are very friendly and cooperative. Furthermore, we didn’t have any communication problem since we knew each other from the previous last semesters.

This subject has showed me the other side of learning, learning using creativity. I learnt how to use the adobe photoshop and adobe Flash. I think this kind of learning is more suitable for me. It is more creative and easier to understand. By doing this group assignment, I found out that it is very important to have good communication with your team mates. Also, everyone has to collaborate.


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