personal reflection

Name: Irwin Goh Cheng Han


From the beginning of the first day I attend this graphic and design classes, at first I thought It’s going to be a boring class and all we did is just listen to the design concept and theory and memorize most of it but think doesn’t work as I expected, this subject I have learn much interesting and gaining a lot knowledge about how design a an animation, photo editing and of course I did stand a chance to visit a real animator who create a movie animation name ‘Upin and Ipin’ which have been guide me in the future I might want to be part of them, From this subject, I also find out how creative my limit is compare to other classmate and our lecturer have been guiding us how to be better animator and also giving us advice about graphic and design concept is. At last, I would like to thanks Miss Leow for guiding us all the effort she did for us and I appreciate what did I learn so far.

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