Progress Report 3 – Yu Tian


The picture above is the first scene of the animation clip. It is showing a guy named Benny taking a shower.


The scene above shows that the guy Benny has taken 45 minutes to take the shower. I have created a motion tween to show the motion of the water from the shower head.


The scene above shows the message that needed to be conveyed to the audiences regarding one of the 3R’s concept which is to reduce.


The image above shows the next scene of the animation clip. Another guy has collected and is carrying a big stack of old newspaper that he is preparing to throw them into the trash bin instead of recycling them.


The scene above is the act of him throwing the stack of old newspaper into the trash bin.


The image above is showing the scene where the guy called Danny threw the old newspaper into the trash bin.


The image is from the scene where it is supposed to send the message to the audiences about the reuse concept.


The image above shows that Danny has learned his lesson and started doing some art and crafts using the old newspaper that he has.


The picture above is showing the following scene from the animation clip where there is a girl named Mandy went to a shop and bought a lot of groceries and asked for plastic bags in order for him to carry easily.


However, instead Mandy should actually bring her own recycle bag to support 3R’s in order to help in saving the environment and the scene above is trying to show the message to the audiences.


The last scene of the animation clip shows the gratitude to the audiences for watching the animation clip and hope that they will adapt and support the 3R’s concept together with everybody else.

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