Progressive report 1

After the task distribution, I was handed the table top and the eco-bag designs to do. For my table top design. For my table top design I decided t make an earth divided in two parts. One side will show the happy earth with greeneries, a happy family and birds. On the other side will be the grey clouds and trees without leaves.

First I selected a texture for my earth then I defined the pattern.

After that, I drew a circle and filled it with the pattern after which I spherized it. The circle is now tuned into a sphere with my desired pattern. Following this, I did a circle and duplicated the layer 2 times. One for shadow, one for atmosphere and one for the base. I use our tagline “Make changes before the world changes” in my table top design.

I use birds on the right side to show wild life in the clear sky.

I used this picture for the left side of my planet. I cropped out the dead trees.

My final top design looks like this. I tried to make it colorful to attract the attention of people.  In this table top design, you can clearly see the difference between the two sides.

earth2 img1 tabletop

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