progressive report 3


Before im going to started my first animation, i will use the button to as start button to play the video animation. From this button tool, we have to create code which alreay provide for us. type the code so on the button can launch but before that you have change the setting to button mode else there won’t work.







After that,then i started the animation, from this font statement as you can see i create a motion tween to make it move downward.





And next is you can see the jellyfish, from this two creature, one is i using a motion tween and the other one im using frame to frame to show the difference move of the animation. For the frame to frame concept you have to apply an onion skin to refer back the previous work.






At last, there a drawing of the turtle which i only drawn 1, the rest of it is only copy to and paste one another, there will a little movement at the middle of the turtle where im also using frame to frame on it.


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