Personal Reflection

Throughout the semester of taking Graphics Design and Animation course, I have really
learned a lot about designing graphics and creating animation. I get to learn many
designing techniques and methods from the online tutorials during the lab class every
week. I have also get to learn a lot of information, and get to see a lot of samples
during the lecture class.

During the development of the first assignment, I get to learn the information about
the principles of designing a graphic. I finally know that a graphic that is created
based on the basic principles will turn out a decent graphic. I get to share the
knowledge I found online with my teammates, so that we can design our project graphcis
based on the information.

And while developing the second assignment, which is group assignment, I get to know
some information that my teammates found from the Internet. I also get to apply the
knowledge I learned from this MMD course onto the project. Our lecturer, Ms Leow has
really given the whole class of students a lot of information and knowledge about
graphics design and animation, which some of the information we will not be able to
find from the Internet.

– Soh Kee Soon I14006004

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