Reflective Report

Personal Reflection

First of all, Graphic Design and Animation (MMD 2201) was a tough course especially the assignments. Individual assignment was quite fine to me as we had enough time and training from the lab lessons. Learning all the skills and techniques on Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a must for this course as our fundamental. This is because we need to complete the minimum 120 second of animation for our group assignment.

After that, when come to group assignment, there’s sort of troubles came as working in a group. Everyone has their very own style while doing their work because I knew a part of them in the past 2 semester. So we have to split tasks accordingly to each of us so that we can manage this group assignment to completion in time. So, we have to tolerate with our members since it’s a group assignment and we have to cooperate in order to gain higher marks. Tasks is divided equally among us so that we able to finish our 3 progressive report and meet the coursework specification or requirement.

Our individual assignment was gaining knowledge on the topic to contribute with fellow group members to be helpful in the group assignment. I picked colour concept for designers among the 4 topic and I have to help my group members to choose the most suitable colour regarding 3R concept. I was glad to be part of this group because all of them really contribute something and not just doing nothing. Although all of us not staying nearby to each other, however this never stop us from using social network to discuss with each other when we are not face to face.

Although all the skills for Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Flash Professional CS6 that we covered in the class already but it was not enough. Our brain doesn’t just memorize at one go and we have to learn again in the Internet especially Youtube to refresh our memories. It is important to teamwork with others if we wanted to complete and gain high marks for the group assignment.

Lesson that I learnt from this group assignment was to cooperate with group members, tolerate with each other, learning new knowledge from others, better relationship and understanding with each other and many more. I definitely never regret for joining in this group although there is problems we have to settle within us.

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