Progressive Report 3

Progressive Report 3 (Animation)


Figure 1

This video was created by myself using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 entirely. All the moving object was created with symbols and then use motion tween to make it moves. I also used a lot of pictures and drawing for symbol and make it alive by moving from left to right or vice versa. Figure 1 is showing the introduction of Alex.


Figure 2

Figure 2 showing that Alex is carrying a pile of works which order by his boss to pass it to Chris because the work contains a lot of mistakes and needed to be corrected. After correction was made, the old paperwork must be dispose by shredding it.


Figure 3.

Alex discovered a snowy hill while driving back to home and decided to visit it directly. However, when he reached over there, he felt disappointed as the snowy hill he saw was actually a hill of shredded papers which looks like snowy hill from far away.

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