Progress Report 3

Progress Report 3(Animation)

I tried something new and made like a New bulletin broadcast like animation.

I took a backdrop of a famous news broadcast  channel online removed the wordings on the image.

This is it:




I then Added a countdown timer that counts down from 5 to 1 before the news bulletin Starts. This is all added using text and shapes in Adobe Flash. After the countdown, the words “Breaking News” pops out into the screen and resizes.

After this The Scene moves from Scene1 to Scene 2

In Scene 2

The brown background is just fill colour in Adobe Flash and the “fake television screen” in the Scene is just 2 Rectangle image in 2 sizes to create a Screen like image.

I then added a Female Cartoon character which I found online into the scene to make her seem like a news reporter

This is her:







Her mouth kinda moves and she talks about the amount of waste is produced in Malaysia.

This image of the waste management in Sarawak displays


Waste in Malaysia

The whole Scene 2 is full of text and wordings telling the viewers about the waste in this country it ends by urging the viewers to practice the 3R concept. This whole movie is played along with a common news intro music which I found online.

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