Progressive Report 2

Progressive Report 2 (Desktop Wallpaper)


Figure 1.

Finding nice and creative design of wallpaper for eco-friendly wallpaper is quite difficult. However, to create one creative eco-friendly wallpaper also is difficult. However, by using Adobe Photoshop CS6, it can be done easily but required some skills to do so. I started with finding unique wallpaper as my background at Google Image. I found 1 standalone tree in the sea of grass as shown in Figure 1. This has attracts me to download it and use as background of my wallpaper. A single nice wallpaper as background is not enough.


Figure 2.

Then, I google for leaves images around the edges and use it as a frame. I found 1 suitable 1 which fit perfectly into my background without disturbing the standalone tree. I use the colour range selection to highlight all the green of the leaves and refine edges it to make it look smooth. Then I apply layer mask to make the background to be appear behind the leave frame as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 3.

In the end, I add on the 3R logo and the 3R – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce words inside the pictures to make it more obvious that this wallpaper is about eco-friendliness by using the same method in Figure 2. All the concept and aspect is discussed with my groupmates in order to create this great wallpaper. Thus, it is done as shown in Figure 3.

Location : All computer labs in INTI IU.

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