Progressive Report 1

Progressive Report 1 (Banner)


Figure 1.

What is banner? Banner is a long length of clothes with a slogan or words to convey message and placed or hung in a public place. First of all, I went to Google Image to search for green type of picture for my background. The first word came into my mind was bokeh, so I found this greenish bokeh picture as shown in Figure 1 as my background image.



Figure 2.

I used the Z-layout for the banner. I started off by finding 2 sample images of places on Earth which consist of polluted and non-polluted. The non-polluted or pollution-free image is placed on the left hand side meanwhile the polluted image is placed on the right hand side. It can be seen on Figure 2.




Figure 3.

After inserting the images, I used the text tool to put in all the texts I wanted to in the banner. I put the question above the 2 images and statements below the images. I also put our own phrase “Make Changes, Before the World Changes” into the banner which located right below of everything. Finally, the banner is ready as shown in Figure 3.


Location : Sidewalk staircase.


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