Personal reflection

While doing this project, I had really gone through a tough period of time. As this project is about graphic design and animation, so we are required to design few 2d visuals as well as one animation clip. In my opinion, I felt that this is really a tough project which need more time to complete it. Due to the limited time and skills, we are not able to done all the works on time. While doing the animation part, it really brought me into a deep thought. I had waste up plenty amount of time in drawing the character as well as apply moment on that. This project really make me suffered where I had been lose my sleep for few days.

For the interaction between group members, I have really no much comments on it. Our group is suffered under poor communication problem which lead to a problem that our project cannot be successfully complete on time. The problem that we faced is that our group is lack of communication. Even it’s already come to the submissions day, our problem still not yet resolve; which our project still not yet being done and we are not able to submit it on time.

After this project, I get to know it’s how difficult and time consuming to create an animation clip. Apart from that, it’s also time-consuming in designing the 2d visuals as we may use a lot of time on thinking the idea and searching for resources. For this project, I would rate my performance in this project and in this group as 50% since our group is not communicate well with each other and our project is still not yet done. While comparing this type of learning environment with other classroom learning environment, I would said this kind of learning environment better than the traditional classroom learning environment. As a result, we are able to have more hands-on practice on the software in order to acquire some designing skill. In my opinion, I would prefer this type of learning environment as I prefer hands-on practice rather than classroom lecture. After gone through the problems that we faced, I felt that in order to complete a project within the scope given, it’s very important to collaborate with each other. Without a good communication and collaboration with all the project team members, It is difficult to deliver a good quality of product on time .


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