Personal Reflection – Jeremy Khaira

In the designer’s personal reflection, he found that there are many various methods that one is able to create environmental designs. The most important factor to consider in the making process is to keep the designs simple and the format clear so that the audience is able to understand it without thinking too hard. The designer’s preference was to use path layout for most of the designs.

Another important thing to remember is that to employ factors that were learned during the weekly lessons to better improve not only the designs of the posters and animation but also to plan the story line and create the sketches. Many various useful skills was also able to be learned in Photoshop and Flash to better improve the quality of the project.

Certain issues were also difficult to overcome such as time management and team coordination. Time was difficult to manage due to various other assignments and learning the design techniques through out the weeks. However, the final product of the project  was still achieved but there is always room for improvement in not only element designs but also animation skills. The designer feels that there should be more time focused on animation lessons as the flash animations were more difficult and there is a larger learning curve to animation techniques and creations.

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