Personal Reflective Report

The project is separated as two parts, including 2D designs and an animation clip. To my opinion, this is an extremely tough project where we did not have enough time to go deep inside to learn more on graphic animation. Our skills are limited while our time is constrained to the maximum level. However, I’d like to work with my current group. In our group, we had our usher, our best hand drawing artist and a human relation officer. While conducting the project, there are several problems faced by the group. That includes time managing where all members are going home not on the same day. That leads to the situation where we could hardly do face to face meeting. Our group had overcome the problem by using cloud contact. Other than that, we often come to a situation where we are lack of idea on our design. Our group managed to overcome the problem by asking each other’s opinion. If I were to rate my performance in the project and in the group, I would rate it as 100% as I had put my best effort in it. Compare to the other classroom learning environment, this learning environment is awesome to the extent of having a good internet connection. However, there’s a very limited speed internet in INTI (sometimes keep on disconnecting me from the server) and that creates a hard moment for me. As to be honest, I will be more to prefer this type of learning for all my other courses so that I can keep track of the information more easily. Other kind of learning method is basically based on papers. As an information technology field student, it would be even fine for to acquire information through the internet. The important was it to collaborate with others because we could share more idea and will be able to create more meaningful design.

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