Personal Reflection (Tess Loh May Fern)

While doing this project I definitely felt creatively challenged which I am not quite accustomed to so it was without a doubt an obstacle for me but it was certainly one that evoked excitement in me. There were times that I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride while doing this project which rang especially true when I viewed the products of this project as I could see the creativeness and hard work put into it. Sometimes I felt joyous too well doing this project especially when I’m doing something that is pleasing to my eyes. There is almost nothing better than creating something from scratch and then getting to see the final outcome. While there were many positive feelings it cannot be denied that I felt a tremendous amount of stress while doing this project mostly due to the fact that there was a time constraint. This project was stressful because it challenges us to be creative and our time management skills were definitely put to the test.

The interaction in our group was passable. Miscommunications and misunderstandings have occurred before among my team members. In my opinion when working in a team there are bound to be some issues.

One of the problems that we faced was coming out with ideas for the project. There were times that we could not come with a creative and original idea which meant that quite a lot of time was taken up just to conceive these ideas. We solved this problem by having group meetings so that all of us would brainstorm together. Another problem that we encountered while doing this project was that we had problems managing our time. Sometimes we felt so stressed up with time was ticking and there were tons of work left so we solved the problem by setting a dateline for every task so that we would not end up with a lug of work when nearing the dateline.

I would rate myself a 7.5 out of 10. I tried my best but I will admit that there could have been some improvements like being more creative and original.

For this subject the learning environment was definitely quite different as most subjects usually require us to focus more on theoretical side of things without having to go too much into the practical side. However, for this subject I had to constantly apply what I had learned so instead of just memorizing theories I got to actually see how and why some theories are what they are.

Yes I would like it if other courses were to implement this style of learning because it truly challenges our ability in a subject instead of just memorizing theories. Apart from that, in the real world we actually need to good in practical side of things.

It was very important to work with others because I needed my other group member’s opinions and ideas. If I were to do it alone the ideas may come as rigid as there were other perspective except my own.

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