Reflective Report

What I felt while doing this project was the stress since I am new to flash and animation but with the help of group member I manage to cope with  it very well actually ,and the sense of satisfaction after creating my 2 mins animation is beyond words can describe.

The interaction between the group members were god although we were all actually from different countries, but that did not really affect our behaviour towards our goal to complete this project. The problem faced in this project personally is actually the time constraint to actually finish the project on time is the biggest challenge faced and we manage to very come it by splitting our task to do equally and fairly.

After  this project I would say I did okay but I could have done better in the  sense of my animation this is due to my bad time management but overall I would say it actually went well . Well compare to class learning I would say this is more hands one since it requires skills to handle the software and its function which till date is difficult for me. Yes I would prefer this sort of learning experience because like I said its more on hands on as if in the lab sessions are very effective.  Collaborating with others  was actually a good experience since my group members were not locals so being able to cope with them was actually a plus point this is because it helped me to do my work more efficiently .

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