Group Project Proposal

Environmental design for implementing 3Rs (reduce, reuse & recycle) concept in INTI University campus


1. Give opportunity to students of INTI to implement 3R concept in their lives.

2. Teaching people the importance of mother earth.

3.  Raise awareness about 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle).

4. Bring awareness to the Student about Environmental Problems.


Group Name:

The Green Warriors


Group Members:

1. Santosh A/L Thayaparan

2. Roopam Vandana Sujeebun

3. Lim Zhi hao

4. Sahendran A/L Rajendran



“Make Changes, Before the World Changes”. This phrase is trying to tell people that, let’s make changes and help save the earth because if we don’t, the earth might not be the same as it used to be. By change, it means not polluting the world with waste and try to reduce waste production by recycling. Without the 3Rs concept, the world will be full of waste and destroying waste is costly.





Our mascot would be the “Green Warrior”. He is a warrior in green sent from planet XYZ to earth to keep the planet green. He has a cape to indicate he is some kind of superhero trying to save the world.

Poster Design

Type of designs.

1. Poster

2. Banner

3. PC Wallpaper

4. Eco-bag

5. Table Top

6. Bunting


1. Banner at Sidewalk wall(Lim Zhi Hao)

1.5m height

3.0m width



2. Poster at the back of toilet door(Santosh)

75cm height

45cm width



3. Desktop Wallpaper(Lim Zhi Hao)

1920 x 1080 resolution




4. Bunting at the dining hall(Santosh)

187.5cm height

75cm width



5. Table Top design(Vandana)

3ft width

2ft length


6. Eco Bag Design(Vandana)


Location Suggestions.

1. Poster-Back of toilet door


2. Table Top design


3. Sidewalk banner




4. Bunting at dining hall



We are planning to start the video with brief explanation of why 3Rs concept is necessary, and then educate the community with some facts on how much waste is being produced in Malaysia, and how badly its affecting our planet if people stop caring about the earth. Then the story of Green Warrior and how he is making a difference in planet earth. Ending the video with an opinion based question about whether INTI students would agree if the campus added more facilities for recycling.

1. Alex Lim Zhi Hao

Alex was transferred to country XYZ for outstation work and when he going back from work, he saw a snowy mountain. When he reached over the mountain, he found out it was actually a mountain of shredded paper instead of snow. He felt sad about it.



2. Santosh

My animation is about a person who goes to the supermarket to get a carton of milk. The cashier packs the milk into a plastic bag. He then leaves to the beach to relax there. He take his carton out of the plastic bag and throws the plastic into the recycle bin. However due to the recycle bin being full and the plastic being lightweight; it flies off and ends up at a chicken slaughterhouse. There the chicken mistaken the plastic as food and consumes it, later the butcher butchers the chicken in order to sell it at the market.

At another day, a random girl goes to the market to buy fresh chicken. It is so that the chicken that the girl purchased consumed the plastic bag previously. Not only the plastic effected the chicken but now it is going to get into a human being. To add more plot to the animation i made the girl reach home and later show a plastic bag flying out of her window. This could imply that either the plastic bag her chicken was in or any other random plastic bag flew out. This is to signify that the same loop will happen again and the only way to stop it is to stop the usage of plastic bags rather then implying recycling techniques. Hence the quote at the end of the animation.

end1Figure 1.0:A frame of the main character at the beach

end2 - CopyFigure 1.2:A frame of the main character at the beach when his plastic bag flies off.


Roopam Vandana Sujeebun


This animation is about the pollution by factories. The trees grow along side the factories and after a long time exposed to the chemicals emitted by the factories the trees starts slowly dying.

There is this metaphor of a man questions the trees why are they sad and the trees explain how the pollution is slowly killing them.



Sahendran Rajendran

This animation starts off looking like a scene from the news broadcast with the intro music

11149222_869724663094662_619844117_n (1)

Then it moves on to the next scene where a new reporter reports about the amount of waste that is produced in our country.


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