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Examples of advertisement bundle

Cigarette                                                                  3

Coca-Cola                                                                4

KitKat                                                                       5

Reflection & new idea                                                           6

Citation & References                                                           7

Summary                                                                                8




What is advertisement bundle? What comes in your mind when you think of this question? An advertisement which is brought by a product. It wants to deliver a message to the users, something like awareness, recent news, event and season. Advertisement bundle can be seen in everywhere. A lot of ways and ideas are used for designing an advertisement on a product without changing the product. A junk food packaging can have an advertisement bundle on it. Just like FIFA world cup competition is coming soon, it inserts some image of football players on its packaging to remind people that the event will be launched very soon.




Look at the following pictures, they are trying to spread out the message to let people know the disadvantages of smoking. According to the first picture, smoking causes mouth and throat cancer, the idea is totally good to let people aware from being involved in smoking. The picture is really disgusting to emphasize how bad smoking is. The second picture, smoking causes fatal lung cancer. No doubt too, the picture is also gross. At the left hand side, the lung remains healthy colour without smoking. Apparently, the lung at the right hand side is already damaged and it turned to black caused by smoking.




As the image mentioned, Coke company was designing a new look for Coca-Cola bottle. We can clearly see the Olympic logo on the bottle with five circle connected one to another. And a creative idea was used, a picture of Olympic torch was inserted. So, now every consumers know what it tried to tell.


A campaign held by Coca-Coca to absorb attention to the plight of polar bear. The message is delivered out with a simple idea but enough clear and shock.




KitKat, a famous chocolate created by Nestle company. A green robot is in the packaging of KitKat. That is Android logo, a kind of operating system which runs on many brands of phone recently. Such as, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Asus and others. The advertisement bundle is attracting. It will increase the fame of Android and more people will prefer Android phone.



Reflection & new ideas

creativity-wallpaper Abstract-Rainbow-Colours-Wallpapers-5

First, a good design of advertisement bundle must be able to draw people attention. Colours are encouraged to be used because a beautiful appearance of anything will firstly attract everyone. Eyes receive the message first before sending to brain, so the appearance must be stunning. Then, the design should be creative because people mostly feel curious on things that they never seen or touch before. To support my opinion, I will say curiosity is human nature. Third, the message which is sent by the advertisement must be very clear, so slogan and picture must have a connection between each other.



Citation & References


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After this assignment, I just realise what advertisement bundle is. And it can be found in everywhere. Usually, we can find it at mineral water and soft drink. When we are having meal in KFC, McDonald, Pizza-Hut, Domino, there will be some advertisement bundle on their boxes. If a person ever been to supermarket, then he will figure it out how high the rate of advertisement bundle use is.

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