Reflective report -Darren Choo

This project was seriously driving me crazy, because design was a very time consuming job. Sometimes when I force myself to come out with a very quick design, I felt that the quick design was really ugly and cannot be publish to anyone, maybe it is because I was not a professional designer. I found that every design will bring a success fell after completing it.

Our group member was very cordial, we were just like a family of four, Why am I saying this because we were filling each other’s shortage. Everyone have his own shortage on design, because of personal style and other element that will affected the result of the design. But all of us sometimes having problem with the meeting because all of us are gamers so that the time decided will not be accurately present.

We are facing a problem is that we were lack of design ideas because there are plenty of design we can seen in the world,  we decided to design an creative design that people haven’t done before, we never suffer less about this part. At the end of the, we decided a theme to be surrounded and create design according to the theme, that is our logo which is trees and leaves.

My performance in this group I gave my self was 6, because I was not really a good designer. I may have some drawing skills because I learnt drawing when kindergarten, but my character was like a person who lack of ideas and need to think a long time to come out with a something I needed.

The learning environment was good enough to learn because it is a design class. What we learn is basic concept and not theory, it cannot be used in others causes because design is more practical stuff need to practice a lot and referring a lot.

Collaborating is reflecting how well can we communicate with each other, if we could communicate well we will get a good result for our whole them. No communicate no good achievement.

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