Personal reflection

In this Multimedia project works, for the first time I have been taught and learned about using the authoring tools and application for example most of the time we are using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash to complete my project. When i’m choosing this course during the online enrollment, i thought that this could be an easy subject to score. In the end, i realize that nothing is easy in the world, just how much effort that you are willing to pay to it.

Designing a good design is not easy at all. Firstly, we need to obtain some basic knowledge from our lecturer, learn to use the software and tools, which is not easy to use, get some advance knowledge from lecturer and etc. After i completed my project, i dare to say that i can do some better design in the future because i have learnt a lot and faced a lot of  challenges through out my design stage that makes me get some real experience when doing it. Besides, another thing that is that, although i have completed my project, i found out that there is a really serious problem that i faced during all my design, doesn’t matter it is in Adobe Photoshop or Flash which is the “time” problem. For example, when i’m doing my design, i see all those animation drawer can draw their animation in a fast speed, but not matter how hard i tried, i still need to take a very very long time to finish just apart of my animation, this is very time consuming. So actually i wished to learn more shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop and also Flash in order to speed up my works.

My group consist of four members, each of them is really nice and friendly, they will always help me whenever i need, especially my leader. We have a lot of interaction among our group members. Sometimes,  we will have our dinner together and discuss about our group assignment. Although the interactions are good among us, but we will still face some other problem for example like misunderstand what the lecturer teach in the class, faced problem in design and non of us can fix it. Normally we will fix this kind of problem by bringing it back to the lecturer, ask for more information and lastly, it will be fixed. The rating from me for my group is more than average. This is because all of my group member can do their part of project independently without making any problem to the others and they will try their best to fix the problem before asking help from others.

I found out that the learning environment for this subject is divided into three part. The first part is the lecture class which will be carry on every Monday of a week. Usually lecturer will give us note on blackboard and open up a question and answering section for the student to ask about coursework. The second part is the online assessment part where all of the students are needed to take part in the online forum discussion after lecturer given a question online. The last part of the learning environment is the part that i love the most, PRACTICAL. We are having this class every Friday. In this class, i learnt about most of the skill in doing my design. From my opinion, I prefer this kind of learning environment.It is much more better than other classroom environment because student’s classes are given equally so that they are able to learn in different ways.

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