The lessons we learn in life during struggling times are memorable, throgh any project there will be times that we have to struggle to overcome the difficulties all, in this project what I have learnt is plenty throughout the experience of expanding my knowledge.

Firstly, in a project with four members the time to have all members meet in face to face in the same time is limited and short due to different timetables. Secondly the need to be creative and create new ideas and be able to implement it in reality is very challenging to accomplish , but when you try your hardest and invest the time into it you can accomplish anything.Third, the clashing with other subjects assignments or test are to be considered as cause to prevent delivering the assignment according to the planning.
So there are many challenges but mostly is the time is invested in making the assignment is shorter than it should be sue to preventing assignment or test and also the different timetables for each member.

In this assignment I have learnt many new things that can help me in my future, starting with creating new ways to solve certain problem, how to find a way to design in a certain shape also using differents softwares in the same time to accomplish one design, also the animation how it is hard to make two minutes of animation.
Realizing that the deadline is around the corner and rushing to complete the assignment is one of the problems that I have faced in this project.

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