In the animation clip the main goal was to create an awareness of the importence of 3R’s to grabe people attantion to the environment and think forther about the furute to ensures that the next generations can enjoy the nature. So firstly the clip start with the bottun that shaped as waterdrop when clicking the movie will start with the earth picture whitch was drawn using the oval tool and the pen tool and start smaller then getting bigger when it get bigger the cloud or fumes that was drawn using pen tool this indicate the pollution in the earth.


the next scene is the forest witch was drawn using rectangle tool with the pencil tool, the trees fall down with the voice effects.


then after that some pictures of ruined forest that was imported to the clip to show in reality how it is real to cut trees, the next scene appearse the infograph that was made using photoshop and imported to adobe flash, in this scene there is an audio that was imported and was made using free online text to speech, in this scene the hand that holding the stick is animated to guid the viewer where they should look to understand the speatch.


the next scene is about a resycle bins that shows what can be recycled , the recycle bin was made usign photoshop and the , the animation part is in the elements that going to be thrown inside each recycle bin with different labels


lastly using some pictures that was imported to show how we need the future to be and trying to recycle and reuse.

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