My feelings about this project is make my health down because I can’t sleep well to do this assignment, not because I don’t understand what I suppose to do but I do almost ALL of the group assignment. I and Jonathan handle all of majority task beside the individual taks assignment. Thanks for Jonathan.

The interaction of the group… Well my honestly from me is below satisfaction. Why ? because we just once held a meeting, and it’s unclear, just like meet, and greet, then gone. And beside, we just talk via phone messager and social media. Thats all.

The main problems is the group cannot be so coorporative, no initiative, and lack of comunication. The only one way that I took to solve this is doing it solo lah, I just want get mark as high as possible, and I don’t want get a bad mark just because incoorporative people. I save them, but I make sure myself save also.

My performance of this project ? I don’t know, maybe the readers can guest itself how I work and do the assignment.

This learning style is focusing the study towards practical mode, makes the study more realistic and useful in the real life, but the bad side is the project is to big to handle. I think the lecture need to reduce the works in order to make student can maintain their health and can doing another assignment because the students are not taking this assignment only.

Yes I would prefer this type of learning BUT… Just little bit reduce the assigment.

Very very important, because if there is no colaboration in this project, you’ll have the same feeling like me.

This is my honest reflective report from my deepest heart, my words are awful but this is the honest from mine. No offense.





Name : Edward Salim

ID : 14007101

Section : G1

Programe : BCSI

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