Content and effects in advertisement clip (for exhibition and presentation)

Yap Jing Siang ( I14004696 )

D. Content and effects in advertisement clip (for exhibition and presentation)

Introduction of the selected topic 

What is advertisement? Advertisement can be defined as something which either a short clip, a poster or a written notice used by company or organization to help promote, offer or encourage the public , targeted consumer or a huge group or people to support their product, event or activities. A great advertisement no matter what method it was used could stimulate the growth or the business amount of the related company and organization. Even one of the current most popular carbonated soft drink in the world , Coca-cola , still producing various style and way of advertisement in order to draw people attention from forgetting them. Moreover, advertisement had become a very useful tool to stand up from so many potential carbonated soft drinks around the world. There are several types of advertisement I mentioned above, but based on the topic I chose for this assignment, I will concentrate on advertisement clip and will be more in talking the content and effect that the clip can bring out in exhibition and presentation.

Therefore, what is an advertisement clip? An advertisement clip is a short film which comes with striking images or beautiful vision, combined with melody or song or any other audio type to send messages or information to certain group of people.  Advertisement clip may create strong impression to human because it has use moving objects or even characters together with sound which will evoke both of our human senses, sight and hear. An advertisement clip usually won’t be long, the most important is to bring out the information. People will get bored with long video clip which full of non-important points or information. Therefore, the content that put inside the advertisement clip is one of the key points throughout the whole clip.

Based on the content of the advertisement clip, it depends on the information that the clip wanted to emphasize. Moreover, the way of presenting the content in the short clip also depends on the targeted audience. Different group of people will have different requirement, such as if the advertisement is designed for kids or teenage, maybe it should have more colors to attract their attention. Furthermore, if the content is belong to some serious topic, it can’t be in a form of funny or comedy.

Therefore, the targeted audience and how the information of the advertisement clip wanted to share are two important points to keep an eye on it while creating a good advertisement clip.

Next is the effect of the advertisement clip. One of the effects is the audio effect. The audio effect is very important to a short clip, because it will influence the way of the message that needed to carry out. We must learn to choose the right music or audio effect that will match with the content. For example, we can use some animation sound effect or create some sense of humor in our presentation in order to avoid our audience to feel bored. If it is a large exhibition, attractive sound effect or music such as popular or trend music and effect can draw people attention. Furthermore, color effect is also one of the effects we need to take good care of it. The contrast of the content and the background needed to be consider carefully because it directly influence the vision that sends to the audience eyes. Try not to use both striking color for the characters and background as audience can’t focus on the content or information you wanted to share.


Display of the existing samples

Based on the sample clip above, it is an advertisement clip of saving the environment. As you can see, it used attractive colors, which are green, red, yellow and more to draw your eyes on it. Moreover, it had a good contrast of the background and the information. It had a comfortable vision to hold audience eyes and also theirs ear with funny sound effect.



In this sample advertisement clip, their targeted audiences are universities student and adults, so it didn’t put much effort in the color effect. Moreover is because of the content and the information that it want to share, it is more suitable to use black and white.


Personal reflection and New Ideas

Based on the two sample video clips I found and written above, I quite prefer the first advertisement clip as it have a comfortable contrast between the background and information. Moreover, the color it used attracts my two eye ball and I love the creative of the clip. It used simple idea to carry out the purpose of the advertisement clip, which is saving the environment.

Referring to the second video clip, I think the narrator and image in the television appear too parallel, it will distract and tend to miss out some of the information. In my opinion, the narrator should slow down his speed and make some time management on his narrator speech.


Conclusion and Summary

Having a good advertisement clip can add extra marks to your presentation or gain preference from people during the exhibition. In addition, with using the right way of color effect and audio effect will lead your work to another higher level. Therefore, we must select or create a suitable advertisement clip in order to catch your audience attention and make them focus on the presentation or participate in the exhibition.


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