Reflection Report

In this project, this is a very fun to create a animation with my story line. This is a very good experience. The group interaction is working good the group member have the good reflection  for the project. Actually, our group haven’t many problem. The work is working smooth. The problem is just not very many discussion. But,  we also have do the meeting about the project work. So that was not much problem on the project. If i rate for my group performance i will rate a good. This is because the member have done their work but the time. In the class room the most of the process have show to you and you need to following it but the project thing is use what us learn in the classroom and using it on your own work. This type of learning is not bad but i no prefer this kind of learning it will be very stress. If you no collaborate with the other group member. You will do the all things so you will very stress. If you do your work with your group members it will have a good process on the work and the work can be reduce some not you want need to done the all jobs.

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