Progression report 3

Progression report 3 – YAP CHIN KIAT


Making of animation


In my 3rd progression report, i’m fully explain on how i finished my animation. Animation is quite challenge-ful for a beginner like me. This is basically my first time on doing such a long animation clip.

The length of my animation is  one and half-minute.



Firstly, i draw a sun with angry face showing that it is hot summer. I also use the onion skin feature to draw out the motion of the sun.




In the second step, i have added in some other elements like the grass, road and others, all of them i have created with some simple motion.




Besides, i also added in the most important thing in to my design which is our group logo




After i added in my group logo, i have created a motion tween for it so that it will automatically move to top left of my animation when it is running. I created the tween by right click on the first keyframe, then choose the create motion tween. After that. i created another one which is the final position that i want it to be.




In this step, i used the same method which is onion skin to draw the movement of character to indicate that he is throwing rubbish everywhere.


Lastly, i rearrange my timeline nicely so that everything can run smoothly, and can attract audience. And i also added in text to make audience more understand.


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